The Science of Pour Over Coffee


As coffee continues to skyrocket in popularity, brewers are trying to edge out the myriad of competition by brewing the best cup. The result is that different methods, which by design produce a different reaction in the coffee when brewed, are being explored. One of these methods, pour over coffee, was actually invented back in […]

BUZZ HONEY is BUZZING with Cirelli Coffee…

Buzz Honey Logo

Buzz Honey is a family owned business located in the pristine Adelaide Hills. They produce hand selected and harvested honeys from a variety of locations across South Australia and specialised regions of Australia. They take pride in retaining the unique flavours of the raw honeys through their unique chemical free, cold press extraction processes. What […]

“Nordic” style roasting & the ‘Hipster-doofus’


I recently read a chain of discussion around roasting styles that I found really interesting – “Nordic” style roasting vs underdeveloped roasting”. This touches on a trend in roasting which involves the lighter style of roasting that we see in some café’s. It is said about this style, that the coffee has barely left the first […]