Cirelli Cold Brew Coffee

Cirelli Cold Brew

What is Cirelli Cold Brew Coffee ?

Cold Brew Coffee is something the Japanese have known for centuries. Also known as Kyoto Coffee, It was reputedly introduced to Japan by Dutch traders from Indonesia.

Cirelli Cold Brew Coffee is made by slowly dripping cold, filtered water through roasted ground coffee for a period of ten to eighteen hours using a cold drip system. The result is a full flavoured coffee without the acidic oils typically found in coffee extracted at higher temperatures.

Cirelli Cold Brew 500mlYou will love the taste…

With a slow cold extraction, we’re able to bring out the more subtle flavour characteristics of our coffee beans.
Cirelli Cold brew has a deeper, less acidic and more subtle taste, and is more concentrated than conventionally-brewed coffee.
The result is a strong, naturally sweet coffee with a smooth finish you won’t find coming out of an espresso machine. It’s a refreshing way to get your caffeine fix on a hot day.


You’ll love the caffeine kick…

Cold brews contain a higher caffeine content, since it uses a higher coffee grounds to water ratio compared to hot brews.

The longer extraction time also means the end result packs a hearty caffeine kick.


So many ways to Enjoy it…

Ready to enjoy…Most enjoy it black, but we don’t mess with coffee routines. That’s a bad idea.

However, delectable, bold, velvety-smooth liquid concentrate can be mixed with milk, soda water or water—served over ice or steaming hot.

We all need a little pick-me-up and there’s no better way to do that in the summer than with some cold-brew coffee cocktails!

Coffee Cocktails are maturing and Cold Brew Coffee is the most exciting thing to happen to the craft cocktail scene in a long time. No longer is the Espresso Martini the go to coffee cocktail and Cold Brew is the reason.

Whichever way you choose to use it your taste buds will never be the same…

Cirelli Cold Brew 3

Our Commitment to Quality

Our signature cold brew is a blend of both Ethiopian and Brazilian regions, locally roasted by Cirelli Coffee.

Cold Brew coffee provides an all-natural elevated cold coffee experience.

Clean energy with no preservatives or added flavours.

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