About Cirelli Coffee

Our Beans – Packaging and Proverbi Italiani

Our Beans

All our coffee is sourced from quality green bean importers. They work directly with coffee producers and exporters at origin to provide the finest selection of green coffee.

Our beans are roasted on demand to provide the freshest roasted coffee to purchasers.

Each bean is roasted individually in small batches and then blended to add balance, body and crema. This is evident in bean colour variation. This means every bean is roasted at its individual optimum

Our Packaging

The packaging is designed to provide a distinct handmade imported feel, tracing its origins back to Italy.

Everything about Cirelli Coffee is beautifully executed including its branding and packaging. Each bag acknowledges the world’s premier growing region from which Cirelli Coffee sources its beans, in the most beautiful way – passport stamps!! Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Sumatra…It is as though each bag has travelled the globe. The bags are then sealed with an Italian inspired insignia tamper seal dated with the year Cirelli Family migrated from Italy.

Proverbi Italiani

Another touch is the inclusion of an Italian saying “Gli Antichi Proverbi Italiani”. These are messages printed on a slip of paper and placed in the opening of the bag. We have captured sayings which formed a large part of our lives growing up. They are sayings we remember from our parents and grandparents and saying that our parents remember from their parents and grandparents. They are a way we can preserve the Cirelli legacy and celebrate this wonderful Italian tradition”. They are the old Italian sayings. Wise, humorous, and truthful, covering all facets of Italian life: work, relationships, weather, food and family. They also still have relevance to your life. So while people drink Cirelli Coffee, they can read, share and think about a tradition that dates back generations.

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