Cirelli Coffee History

Wow…it has been nearly 4 years since Cirelli Coffee started retailing coffee. To be honest, I was not really sure what I was getting into, I’m still not. I was largely driven by an interest, a desire to do something different and a love for coffee. This interest and love was one that I feel stemmed from my upbringing.

As a child growing up to Italian migrant parents I recall always been surrounded by coffee…”I’d wake up to it for breakfast in a big bowl of milk, finish a meal with it, celebrate with it in a tiramisu, and start and end a gathering with family and friends with it as an espresso”. Needless to say I was very energised as a child.  I remember dad, ‘Frank’, letting me spoon the bit of melted sugar and coffee at the bottom of his ‘tazza’ (cup), and mum pouring warm espresso over vanilla ice cream for a summer treat…and nowadays parents complain about kids drinking red cordial! lol

What started as a small garage hobby at West Beach quickly shifted to roasting for a small group of customers. The aim was as simple as trying to provide a taste of coffee that was traditional, smooth and more particularly, one that I was comfortable to share with others.

To read up on some of the history and background you can click on the link.[ilink url=”″]Cirelli Coffee History[/ilink]

Then in 2013, almost a year ago,  I decided by buy a bigger roaster to free up my time and I now roast on a 15kg Giesen Roaster in a small warehouse in Welland.  Still choosing to keep my customer base small and local, I’ve been fortunate enough to be working with a small passionate range of cafe owners and boutique retail outlets. It’s like a little family to me, all driven to by their own passion. They are spread across Adelaide. Some just serve, some just retail and others choose to serve and sell the range.  Each and every cafe puts a huge amount of effort into their coffee. I work with all of them to get the taste they desire.  But its not only the coffee they focus on…I have favourite dishes at all of them. A visit, a meal and a quick chat over coffee is something I always really enjoy, breaking up the monotony of everyday life.

After 4 years I would still class myself as a boutique coffee roaster, with a desire to one day find that perfect blend.

So what does 2015 have installed for Cirelli Coffee:

  • Coffee Experience (Training) Sessions at Cirelli Coffee HQ
  • Launch of premium chocolate powders
  • 500ml Cold Brew
  • Stall at the Unley Double Shot festival – 22 February 2015
  • New 1kg bags for cafes
  • New printed 250g retail bags
  • A new range of lighter roasted blends suited to pour overs, aeropress and syphon brewers
  • Cirelli Coffee merchandise
  • Additional cafe’s and retail outlets…

It looks like 2015  will shape up to be a busy year.

If you have an interest in Cirelli Coffee Id love to hear from you.

Best wishes for a safe, prosperous and happy 2015.






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