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Cirelli Takes Out Award at International Coffee Expo



Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co. roasts and sells specialty coffee in-store and online with many of the cafes featuring their own designer roasts, a unique feature rarely seen in many cafes’ delivering a point of difference in an ever competitive cafe market.
Since starting-up in 2011, Cirelli Coffee has competed in three coffee Awards. The Golden Bean Awards and the most recent the Australian International Coffee Awards. Both are well regarded Australian Coffee Roasting Awards.
“It was never my intention to roast for awards but after a while I wondered how the coffee compared with Australia’s best. It’s always very nerve racking to be judged by our industry peers, including some of the most experienced coffee talent in the country.” Says Gianni
The Golden Bean Awards is possibly the biggest coffee roasting competition in Australia, and even the world.
The competition itself features many of Australia’s well-known, specialty and boutique roasters all vying for medals in 12 or more different categories.

Cirelli Coffee won two awards in the Golden Bean Roaster Competition for Don Decaffienato (2014 and 2015).
This year, co-inciding with the Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition was possibly one of the hardest competitions coming to Australia, the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria.
The AICA is the first and only international coffee roasting competition in Australia, receiving 658 entries from 143 local and international coffee roasters in 2016. With award categories including Espresso, Milk Based Coffee, Filter Coffee and Syphon Coffee, the awards celebrate and promote coffee roasting excellence.

AICA_BRONZE_MEDAL_25mm_CMYK Cirelli Coffee
This was a unique opportunity to benchmark ourselves and to have our coffee assessed by a panel of 34 industry expert judges.
Cirelli Coffee entered only one blend and received a Bronze medal for its ‘El Presidente’ Blend.

El Presidente Cirelli Coffee 534 x 534

‘El Presidente’ blend was a newly formulated blend specifically for Café’s wanting a high quality coffee that was strong enough to cut through milk but also smooth enough to have as an espresso.
Uniquely roasted medium-dark in comparison to current movements Cirelli Coffee bucked the trends creating a clean, balanced cup of coffee.

Café’s interested in trying a sample should make there way into Cirelli Coffee HQ on Saturday 10:00am to 3:00pm or make contact on


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