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Chocolate, Chai & Powders


Chocolate Powder and Chai Powders are produced in Australia from the finest whole cocoa beans. They are specially roasted, ground, refined and conched for chocolate beverages.  The natural sweetness of the bean is un-altered using 50 to 80% less sugar.

Our powders are a quick and easy way to make delectable hot or cold beverages, so, simply mix 2 teaspoons with a little water or milk to make a paste; then add warm or cold dairy or nut milk of your choice, with sweetener if desired.

Try it with a little Cirelli Cold Brew Coffee for delectable mocha – or a touch of dried chilli to warm you up on a cold day.

For those that are a little adventurous,  you can mix our powders with chilled coconut water and lots of ice for a cool milk free drink.

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Gianni Cirelli

Meet your Roaster

Gianni Cirelli’s passion for fresh roasted coffee started many years ago. Gianni says as a child he had always been surrounded by coffee…”I’d wake up to it for breakfast, finish a meal with it and end a gathering with family and friends with it”.

Born to Italian migrants, some of his fondest memories of a child are of his father Frank letting him spoon the bit of melted sugar and coffee at the bottom of his ‘tazza’ (cup), and his mother Tina, pouring warm espresso over vanilla ice cream for a summer treat…It is this experience and his passion for quality that led Gianni to start-up Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co Pty Ltd.

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