Cirelli Cold Brew 100ml (12 pack)

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What is Cold Brew???
This purchase gets you a 12 pack of Cold Brew Coffee for you to drink quality coffee anywhere, anytime…your the BOSS!

This Cold Brew is not steeped like common commercial Cold Brew.  Cirelli Cold Brew is made in small batches using with cold water, where the water  is slowly dripped into a coffee chamber that contains coarsely ground coffee…here the water soaks and moves through the coffee from anywhere between 12 to 16 hours traditionally. The concentrated coffee then slowly drips into a glass container.

When all the water has moved through the coffee it is ready to be served.

Some Quick Cold Brew Facts:

  • Less acidity than hot brewing.
  • Naturally sweeter due to its lower acidity, but no added sugar.
  • The coffee beans never come into contact with heated water and as such acidic flavours are not leached from the oils giving a more intense coffee flavour profile without the acidity.
  • Best cold brew uses fresh coarse ground coffee – Given we are roasters, we use really fresh coffee.
  • Cold brew uses light roast coffees as flavours are more transparent.
  • Has a much higher caffeine than normal coffee.


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