Aeropress Multi-Filters – 3 Filters

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These AeroPress multi-micro filters ensure that the coffee is clean of grounds producing a smooth, rich, pure, and fast coffee every time.

These filters ensure a clean cup by capturing the finest coffee grounds and keeping them from your coffee.

Simply place the filter in the AeroPress Cap, and rinse before use and begin your AeroPress Brew.

Fits Aeropress© / Bruer © / Cold Brew Systems Allows the coffee oils to pass through while retaining the grounds for a richer brew.

Easy to wipe clean.

Three filters – Three different coffees. Each pack contains:

  • FILTER 1. THK: 0.2 mm / H: 0.2 mm
  • FILTER 2. THK: 0.15 mm / H: 0.15 mm
  • FILTER 3. THK: 0.4 mm / Mesh: 250*250


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