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At Cirelli Coffee we craft exceptional bean-coffee and love to share this with our customers.  All our coffees are of the highest quality. We are passionate about what we do and we genuinely strive to support you and to add value to your business (big or small).  We add value not only in the supply of coffee and training but also support your business through social media.  Providing outstanding customer service and support to our loyal customers is what we love to do.

With Cirelli as your partner, you get more than just great coffee, we asist with training, servicing and experience to help you stand out in the crowd.  If you want to be part of the Cirelli family, please fill in your contact details below.

We offer quality roasted coffee? 

We have an extensive range of deleriously good coffee that designed to suit all tastes across the board.

We roast our coffee beans in small batches to order, so that we can deliver you quality roasted coffee with smooth, sweet flavours. This ensure maximum freshness, so you can be assured our coffee is not sitting around on a shelf.  We use our Geisen solid drum roaster to ensure consistency, quality control, maximise flavour and to deliver you the optimum balanced coffee for that ultimate cup of coffee.

To make it easy for you, we also offer cold brewa range of specialty teas, chocolate, chai and syrups.

Coffee Equipment

We work on reliability, so we sources and work with only the most reliable equipment and technitians in Australia, this give you piece of mind so that you can get on with business. Whatever you need, we can provide you with the equipment you need to make the perfect cup of coffee for your customers, every single time.

Barista Training 

Great coffee isn’t just about the bean – it’s about knowing how to make and serve consistently good coffee. At Cirelli Coffe we love to share our knowledge offering dedicated training for cafe staff.  From grinding to dosing, extracting and pouring, your team will learn everything there is to know about creating the perfect cup of Cirelli, each and every time.

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