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Yelp Wrap-up – Adelaide Nanna Skillz Party (4th May 2014)

Well, well…on Sunday Cirelli Coffee trialled its new Cirelli Coffee cart and attended its first Yelp Adelaide festival.  It was a fantastic fun filled day.  Behind the coffee machine were two great barista’s– Imogen (East End Provedore on Ebenezer Place, Adelaide) and Emma, whom we borrowed for the day.  I also had help from Frank (Dad), Emma & Hannah (Nieces) and Vanessa (Sister In-law) Thank them all for their wonderful help and extraction and milk skills…;)

For those that weren’t able to attend you unfortunately missed out on a fun feast-full few hours of some of Adelaide’s best foodies and beverage brands and best of all it was all FREEEEEEEE.

On the day Cirelli Coffee did its bit to keep visitors caffeinated with hundreds of free Cirelli Coffee and Cirelli Coffee Cold Brews poured. Some 20 litres of milk was used to produce hundreds of coffees.  The “Afternoon Delight (PM)” blend was being used…and Ethiopian Yirgacheff was on the Cold Drip.

So who was on the final line-up you ask????

  • Clare Valley Brewing – snapping good cider…actually a cider to die for.
  • Two-Bit Villains – Soda Bar…Bubbling good chappie!
  • Rebecca Sullivan – Founder of the Granny Skills Movement and Dirty Girl Kitchen
  • Pickle In The Middle – Pickling good pickles and loads of fun learning how to pickle.
  • MOO’s Rice Pudding – I had mine at work the next day and I loved it. Actually wish I had grabbed more.
  • Evercream Gelati – YUM…YUM. That’s amore!!!! The ‘salted caramel’ ice cream…just like caramel popcorn. A trip to Hahndorf to visit is on the excursion list.
  • The Honey Lady – I’m still licking my lips over this one.
  • Skara Smallgoods – Ohhhhhh yeah…who’s your daddy!!!!
  • Enzo’s At Home – We got all ‘gnocched-up’!!!! Amazing gnocchi & sauce.
  • Cheese Please – I didn’t know we had an Adelaide made HALUMI…. yippeeee
  • Tuckers Natural Dippers and Crackers – Chilly crackers…who would have thought!!!
  • Croquet SA – you missed the opportunity to strengthen your croquet skills.
  • Flossie the Caravan – the best looking vintage caravan…I understand they rent it out…hmmmm
  • Men’s Corner – Rum and Whisky…the rest is history. Heeee heee heee.
  • Colour Cosmetica – doing make-up and hair on the day. So all the ladies looked smashing.

Reviews and photos are starting to come in on Yelp for the event (click here)

Link to more pics –   [ilink url=”″]Yelp Nanna Skillz Party[/ilink]

I hope I haven’t missed anyone…

Check-out some of the pics from the day 😉


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