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Location: Unit 5, 22 Musgrave Avenue, Welland
Phone: 0447847897
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Dedicated to High Quality Coffee

At Cirelli Coffee we are dedicated to crafting high quality coffee for your cafe, home or office. Our aim is to bring you the best espressos and the tastiest cappuccinos.

Training Needs 

At Cirelli Coffee we will equip you with all your training needs. We employ expert coffee trainers and baristas that will assist you in producing the best coffee.

Your Coffee Roaster of Choice

At Cirelli Coffee we pride ourselves on being expert Small Batch Coffee Roasters. We are committed to providing quality coffee, personal service, making us your roaster of choice.

Espresso Machines and Grinders

At Cirelli Coffee we can help you develop your café idea and advise you on the installation of your equipment, any upgrades or provide a cart hire service for your next function or event.

Create Unique Blends

We specialise in creating unique blends.  Flavours that you will not find anywhere else.  Therefore making you stand out from the crowd.

Café Supplies and Consumables

We sell and source a range of espresso machines, grinders and café supplies, chocolate powders, chai and consumables for both retail and wholesale customers.

Coffee Information 

Coffee information and quick summary of what has been posted Coffee Technica

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