Welcome to Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co Pty Ltd

We exist to craft exceptional tasting coffee and to be the coffee of choice for quality, taste & service.

Cirelli Coffee is a coffee roastery, born and based in Adelaide, dedicated to delivering high quality coffee.

What we love more is what our coffee stands for – It is all about retaining tradition, retaining what is good in life, learning and sharing that tradition with as many people as possible.
It is this sharing of tradition and our love for coffee that drives us to provide you with the finest coffee.

As a premium roaster we use one of the finest roasters and a unique selection of beans sourced from around the world to craft impressive blends producing the finest espressos and the tastiest cappuccinos.

Our specialty is in creating unique blends for cafe’s and customers that you won’t find anywhere else, making you stand out from the crowd.

 Cirelli Coffee – It’s the coffee people talk about

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“Nordic” style roasting & the ‘Hipster-doofus’


I recently read a chain of discussion around roasting styles that I found really interesting – “Nordic” style roasting vs underdeveloped roasting”. This touches on a trend in roasting which involves the lighter style of roasting that we see in some café’s. It is said about this style, that the coffee has barely left the first […]