Best Coffee Beans Adelaide

Cirelli has a “family of coffees” and like good families there is a common set of “family values” that make them unique.

All our blends are roasted to retain that core Cirelli depth of aroma and flavour – a smooth creamy sweetness and an aftertaste that makes you feel good.

Our blends are created from quality raw coffee beans and roasted showing respect for those beans. That love of what we do is our strength and we are proud to see that our customers love our coffee.

However, drinking great coffee is more than just the taste… it’s how you feel while you drink it and after the cup is empty.

That’s what makes Cirelli – the coffee people talk about!

Amazing Tasting Coffee:

Every Cirelli Coffee leaves you wanting more:

– enticing aroma
– gorgeous crema
– great depth of taste
– rich flavour
– silky smoothness 
– a lasting sweetness

They all work so well with all types of coffee drinks.

Cirelli HQ – Best Coffee Beans Adelaide, Tasting Coffee Shop

Set in an industrial estate 5 min out from Adelaide City, Cirelli Coffee HQ – is our ‘cellar door’ and the heart of Cirelli Coffee. It is here we roast one of Adelaide’s best coffee. Every Saturday we open our roastery for coffee tasting, retail coffee sales or a place to hang-out, have a coffee and watch the roasting.

You can sample the roasters wide range of blends using your brew method and discuss the coffee with knowledgeable staff and the roaster themselves.

We don’t only do coffee, we also have a great selection of drinking chocolate and café chai, equipment and consumables. Early birds get to try Nonna’s freshly cooked and still creamy Zeppole.

Open Hours

Open Thur & Sat ONLY

Thurs: 9:30am – 12:00pm

Sat: 9:30am – 3:30pm

Roastery tours available

Absolutely amazing! The staff are absolutely amazing and welcoming! The coffee is out of this world and watching the beans roast infront of you makes life a whole lot better! An absolutely superb coffee house!
Jamieson Noutsatos
Jamieson Noutsatos
04:02 09 Nov 19
A hard place to find but truely worth the search. Luckily I had a friend who has been ample times take there for a coffee and so, so glad he did as the coffee is amazing. Treid a few different styles to make sure it wasn't a fluke and every single coffee was great. Ofcourse I had to do the right thing and try the homemade Zepolli which also was lovely. The owner and staff are all so friendly and helpful. Can't wait to go there again next Sat.
Nick N
Nick N
02:38 04 Nov 19
Welcoming, fabulous coffee a must to start the weekend
Susan McAuliffe
Susan McAuliffe
21:36 18 Oct 19
Great people and awesome coffee. Best coffee going around
Andrew Mcleod
Andrew Mcleod
11:03 20 Sep 19
They have the best Matcha Chai! I first tried it at Mekko Cafe in Prospect and it was the most amazing chai latte I've ever had, so I hunted down the powder they use and discovered Cirelli! Now I can enjoy it at home. Plus, super friendly staff, a hidden gem of Welland.
Ailsa Enting-Hawke
Ailsa Enting-Hawke
11:25 03 Aug 19
Best Coffee and so proud to use it in our restaurant. We get so much praise for the coffee. Well done Cirelli team
Orietta Ferraro
Orietta Ferraro
05:49 15 Jul 19
Ordered thursday night and arrived Friday arvo! Had to try straight away and was not disappointed! Might be my new go to for beans
Chris firstchoice
Chris firstchoice
07:00 05 Jul 19
Awesome taste in their coffee. I being fond of their Coffee.
Ashton Carey
Ashton Carey
06:11 22 Jun 19
Give 5 star rating for their delicious hot coffee:)
Jordan Thomson
Jordan Thomson
05:26 21 Jun 19
Fantastic coffee highly recommend!!
Neil Chinsami
Neil Chinsami
07:45 06 May 19
Best coffee in Adelaide and possibly in Australia. Big brands have names but Cirelli Coffee has coffee making at its heart and results are just stunning. Give it a try and you will never ever want any other coffee.
Slava Grigoriev
Slava Grigoriev
12:54 07 Apr 19
Saturday at Cirelli is sooo good, love the smell of coffee roasting away and seeing folk enjoy that friendly Cirelli team go about their work roasting and blending some “magic” coffee. I like a dark roast so I can still taste the coffee long after my cup is empty and Rod the master roaster at Cirelli knows just how to make that happen. If you’re lucky Nona Cirelli will be making her amazing Italian Zeppole but you’ll need to be early they sell out pretty quick! Great job Cirelli see you on Saturday
Terry Rimmer
Terry Rimmer
01:26 06 Dec 18
Tom O'Flaherty
Tom O'Flaherty
11:42 29 May 18
yrscore: F5/E-off the scale 5/R5Food - The latte by Cirelli himself was a well-crafted beverage. He took into account that I enjoyed strong coffee and pulled a double shot without me asking for it. On top of that, as we were chatting about cold brews, he concocted what I consider a cold brew cocktail right in front of me! It never came across to me that coffee could be served that differently, and it was good. Experience - The experience gets better. The staffs were super friendly. I didn’t feel like I was in the café at all. It felt more like a coffee club! All these happened in a coffee roastery. Because of that, the seats are limited. So be ready during peak hours. Return - Definitely coming back again for my coffee fix, coffee exploration, coffee beans, coffee chats, you name it!
WenPeng Yong
WenPeng Yong
06:13 27 Jan 18
Best beans in Adelaide, and some of the most friendly folks you'll meet working there - do yourself a favour and head on over there!
Stephen Argent
Stephen Argent
00:10 29 Sep 17
Great coffee beans. Friendly staff.
Florent Paillot
Florent Paillot
01:54 02 Aug 17
Location: Unit 5, 22 Musgrave Avenue, Welland
Phone:0447 847 897

High Quality Coffee

Cirelli Coffee are dedicated to crafting high quality coffee for your cafe, home or office. Our aim is to bring you the best espressos and the tastiest cappuccinos.

All Your Training Needs 

At Cirelli Coffee we will equip you with all your training needs. We employ expert coffee trainers and baristas that will assist you in producing the best coffee.

Coffee Roaster of Choice

Cirelli Coffee pride ourselves on being expert Small Batch Coffee Roasters. We are committed to providing quality coffee, personal service, making us your roaster of choice.

Coffee Machines & Grinders

At Cirelli Coffee we can help you develop your café idea and advise you on the installation of your equipment, any upgrades or provide a cart hire service for your next function or event.

Unique Coffee Blends

We specialise in creating unique coffee blends.  Coffee flavours and combinations that you will not find anywhere else.  Our specialised coffee will make you stand out from the crowd.

Café Supplies

We sell and source a range of espresso machines, grinders and café supplies, chocolate powders, chai and consumables for both retail and wholesale customers.

Walk For Luv – Mary Potter Foundation

For the last couple of years, Cirelli Coffee has supported the annual Walk for Love: honouring the lives, courage and memories of your loved ones, while helping to raise vital funds for patient care in Mary Potter Hospice. Donations to the Walk for Love ensure that patients and families can continue to experience Mary Potter Care, now and in the future. My father Frank Cirelli was a patient of the Mary Potter Hospice and we experienced first hand the wonderful care they give to patients and comfort they bring to family during one of the hardest times. This year it was at the Australian Lutheran College, corner of Ward Street & Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide. 100 % of all earnings go to the Walk or Luv - The Mary Potter Foundation. If you need any information on the Walk for Love, please email or call on 08 8239 0119.

Cirelli Family

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Best Coffee Beans Adelaide – Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Suppliers in Adelaide

For coffee lovers, daily coffees are a way of life. Those morning coffees for many, are part of the start to every day. However, not all coffee is the same. Like a fine wine, the best quality coffee is a product of where and how it is grown, and finally how it is roasted and blended. Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co is an artisan roasted and blended coffee, using beans grown in the best farms from countries considered to be the finest quality coffee bean growers in the world.

Meet Your Roaster

Gianni Cirelli's passion for fresh roasted coffee started many years ago. Gianni says as a child he had always been surrounded by coffee...”I'd wake up to it for breakfast, finish a meal with it and end a gathering with family and friends with it”. Born to Italian migrants, some of his fondest memories of a child are of his father Frank letting him spoon the bit of melted sugar and coffee at the bottom of his 'tazza' (cup), and his mother Tina, pouring warm espresso over vanilla ice cream for a summer treat…It is this experience and his passion for quality that led Gianni to start-up Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co Pty Ltd.

People Love Our Coffee

Coffee Bean Shop

Every cup of coffee from Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co, is made from the best roasted coffee beans to make your coffee experience enjoyable and memorable. Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co specialises in handmade coffee roasting. Our expertise lies in small batch, artisan coffee roasting and skilled blending, guaranteeing the finest coffee. So start your day fresh with a cup of coffee from Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co.

Coffee Roaster

There is no better reason for choosing your coffee from Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co. than the exceptional taste. We believe in creating unique blends full of flavour and rich aftertaste. At Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co. we know what goes into making each cup of coffee extraordinary and memorable.

Best Coffee in Adelaide

If you are looking for the best coffee in Adelaide, look no further than Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co range of coffees .No matter what your preference; espresso, cappuccino, latte, flat white, we provide you the finest, fresh roasted coffee beans, that will keep you coming back for more. Not only will we provide you the finest, fresh roasted coffee beans, we will also match that with unmatched service.

Coffee Bean Suppliers

From large commercial volumes for cafes and restaurants to small batch roasting for home or office, if you are seeking coffee bean supplies then make sure you check out Cirelli coffee. We have a reputation of being one of the best coffee roasters in the city, and the unique coffee blends that we create are proof of our dedication towards keeping this reputation intact.

Coffee Roasters Adelaide

If you are a coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, office or a home coffee lover In Adelaide, look no further than coffee supplies from Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co. The freshly roasted coffee that we provide is sure to keep you energised and engaged with a coffee flavour that is hard to find anywhere else. We have the best coffee roasters in the city that will ensure each cup of your coffee is magical.