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Cirelli Coffee Cold Brew has landed…

Cold Brew…Don’t mind if I do…

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Well, for those of you who heard me on 5AA this morning, I got to hand out a few of bottles of the good stuff…Cirelli Coffee Cold Brew.  I know the concept isn’t new, but the idea of Cirelli Coffee bringing out its own Cold Brew is new. It has sat in my head for a while and then finally all the pieces came together and it was released…

Anyway, cold brewed coffee hasn’t really hit Adelaide yet but I can bet you this summer it will become a popular drink…In other states it has quickly become a popular alternative to traditional hot brewed coffee when your away from the cafe and a good coffee supply.

Adelaide will get a head start in a BIG WAY…a cold brew tower is being commissioned at the Corner Store on Semaphore…I use the word commissioned as it is a whopping 1.1m high timber and glass structure…something in between a  trophy and science lab set-up.  At the Corner Store on Semaphore…people will be able to experience first hand how it is made. There will be other stores as well…

Secondly, Cirelli Coffee be working to get its 100 ml bottled Cirelli Coffee Cold Brew out to as many of its fantastic outlets as possible for those wanting to sample this wonderful nectar. Depending on how hardcore you are, a 100 ml serving is equivalent to 2-3 servings of coffee…and YES it packs a caffeine punch too.


Still not sure what Cold Brew is???? Cold brew is a little interesting.  Firstly, cold brewing involves a coffee preparation method that can take close to 1 day…YES…ONE DAY. Like all good things…they take time…this is definitely the case for the Cirelli Coffee Cold Brew.


The water is slowly dripped into a coffee chamber that contains coarsely ground coffee…here the drips of water soak and move through the coffee for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours traditionally.  They then drip into a glass container.  When all the water has moved through the coffee it is ready to serve. This method tends to lack the acidity that hot brewing will give.  Cold brewed coffee also seems naturally sweeter due to its lower acidity. Because the coffee beans never come into contact with heated water, the process of leaching flavour from the oil in the beans produces a different chemical profile from conventional brewing methods.  You also get a more intense coffee flavour profile without the acidity.

A lot of people love the low acid but high caffeine content. It’s very flavourful and concentrated. The result is that you get an intense brew that you can then vary the intensity.  You can heat it up, mix it with water, milk, use it for baking or serve it over ice and other ingredients such as chocolate.  It is this flexibility and stability that people like about Cold Brew.

Some Quick Cold Brew Facts:

  • Best cold brew uses fresh ground coffee—the fresher your coffee, the better the cold brew.  Given we are roasters, we use really fresh coffee.
  • Cold brew uses light roast coffees as flavours are more transparent.
  • Use a coarse to medium grind.
  • Although brew takes longer, it produces cleaner flavours.
  • Higher caffeine than normal coffee.


For those of you who know, Cold Brew takes a lot of effort.  Also it has no preservatives giving it a short shelf-life. So this golden nectar needs to be fresh and will therefore be in short supply.

At this stage:

–       Corner Store on Semaphore – SEMAPHORE (Straight from the drip)

–       Yelp – Adelaide Nanna Skillz Party (to be held on the 4th May 2014) – FREE Cold Brew Sampling Session CLICK  [button link=”″ color=”red”]YELP STREET PARTY[/button]

–       Queen Street Grocer – Croydon – Elizabeth Street Croydon (100ml Cold Brew Bottles which will have a retail price around $6.00)

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