Cirelli Coffee at Work

Cirelli Coffee at Work

At Cirelli Coffee we understand the importance of having top quality coffee and equipment available in the workplace.  Whether your smaller or large and require coffee for your workplace or function area we have a tailored package with the right equipment and best coffee to suit all sizes.  All of our machines have been carefully selected for the office market:

– They make excellent coffee
– They are simple to operate, maintain and clean
– They have a long life span.

Machines Available

We can generally get any machine but specialise in the following due to their reliability and ease of maintenance:


Cirelli-Coffee-Office-SaecoSAECO AULIKA (0-30+)

Quick Features:

  • Rated to 130 coffees per hour
  • Huge 1 Kg Bean Hopper
  • 4 Litre water capacity
  • 2 Stainless boilers
  • Easy to use

Aulika is a professional automatic machine designed for the Office market, and is the expression of the high quality of Saeco technology. It is equipped with a brewing unit with preinfusion and electronic regulation of coffee in the cup. It is also equipped with the “one-touch milk” dispenser function, which is compatible with the office requirements, and with a hot water wand.

The Aulika has the capacity of delivering Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte and more at a rate of 130 cups per hour, making this coffee machine ideal for medium to large offices, while never losing on taste and texture.



BIANCHI GAIA (20-100+ people)

Quick Features:

  • Rated to 150-240 coffees per hour
  • Plumbed or 3.6L water tank
  • 1kg Beans or powder (3 product containers)
  • Fresh or powdered milk options
  • Can be fitted with payment system

Gaia, automatic hot beverage machine, available both in espresso coffee from beans and instant beverage versions with three product containers, is extremely versatile and can be installed in the most varied locations, hotels, restaurants and offices.

Equipped with: big dispensing compartment able to accommodate both small espresso cups (with pivoting espresso cup holder), big cups, mugs or a jug; ergonomic and intuitive selection panel and back lighted push buttons. On top the door for water tank filling and a front lock for the functional closing of the machine. The front panel offers excellent branding opportunities. Designed especially to be positioned in furnished environments it has a tray on the bottom that simplifies the cleaning of eventual waste materials.  Available in water supply system version or with the capacious 3.6 litre autonomous tank.


(Full Range is available upto 700 cups)

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You owe it to your workers, your clients and most importantly to yourself to use Cirelli Coffee 😉

Our Coffee

All our coffee is roasted fresh and of premium quality so you can rest assured you are getting some of the finest roasted coffee for your employees and clients. We make a range of unique tailored blends for the office coffee machine of exceptional quality.

Payment Options

The machines are available for purchase, rental with or without a residual value.
The rental packages are inclusive of all warranty and maintenance requirements to give you total comfort and easy of service.
We also deal with a range of finance options for purchase.

Why Rent?

  • Payments can be tailor the term to suit your budget – 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 month terms
  • No big upfront costs
  • Make monthly payments
  • Always have the latest technology
  • Flexibility – upgrade, offer to purchase or return the items at your choice
  • In most circumstances, you’re covered if your rented equipment becomes lost or is accidentally damaged
  • Possible Tax Deductions – Talk to your tax advisor to be sure




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