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Cirelli Cold Brew Coffee

Delight your taste buds with Cirelli’s cold brew coffee, one of the finest cold brew blends in Adelaide. A Cirelli cold brew is handmade using the traditional cold drip water method and the finest freshly roasted coffee. The entire brewing process continues overnight, producing a cold brew coffee concentrate with a luscious, velvety blend, ready to be used as a mixer with water, soda, milk, as a cocktail or straight over ice. We know, regardless of the way you decide to use Cirelli Cold Brew Coffee, you will enjoy it.

If you prefer a coffee to be less acidic and naturally sweet, then this cold brew coffee is the optimum choice for the coffee lover.

Cold Brew Coffee Shop in Adelaide

We make sure that our extraction process for cold brew delivers all the flavour of our quality artisan roasted coffee. Passionately blended, roasted and bottled in Adelaide, the Cirelli cold brew coffee is a perfect quick and easy coffee experience to begin your day.

Our aim is to create a cold brew coffee blend with a distinguishable taste that cannot be found anywhere else, drawing you back to Cirelli cold brew repeatedly. The handmade cold brew coffee offered by Cirelli can be found in Adelaide cafes and coffee shops and other select retail outlets.

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Gianni Cirelli

Meet your Roaster

Gianni Cirelli’s passion for fresh roasted coffee started many years ago. Gianni says as a child he had always been surrounded by coffee…”I’d wake up to it for breakfast, finish a meal with it and end a gathering with family and friends with it”.

Born to Italian migrants, some of his fondest memories of a child are of his father Frank letting him spoon the bit of melted sugar and coffee at the bottom of his ‘tazza’ (cup), and his mother Tina, pouring warm espresso over vanilla ice cream for a summer treat…It is this experience and his passion for quality that led Gianni to start-up Cirelli Coffee Roasting Co Pty Ltd.

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