ACME Feijoa (Flat White / Cappucino) Cup 6 x 190 ml

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Acme Evolution 190ml Mighty cup, colour: Dolphin (Green)

The Evolution series cups have the same footprint and hold the same volume as the original, but now come with a smoother inner-gradient to make for an easier pour for Latte Artists. While the base is still thick for improved heat retention, the lip is finer and tapers more to make it even nicer to drink from.

Acme cups are made from thick-walled heavy duty china and cups/saucers are bought separately to allow you to mix and match colours

About Acme

Acme and Co is the brainchild of Jeff Kennedy, NZ Specialty Coffee Association inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and Godfather of NZ espresso. Acme and Co was founded in 2011 by Jeff and partner Bridget Dunn from Jeff’s longstanding ambition to create the cups he had always wanted.

Be aware if you do have the older Acme versions there is a slight colour variation with the new Evolution range.

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