AeroPress XL Filters (200)

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AeroPress XL Filters (200)

Elevate Your Coffee Brewer’s Performance

Enhance your AeroPress XL coffee brewing experience with our premium filters.  Meticulously designed to bring out the best in every cup. Crafted for the larger capacity of the coffee brewer, this pack of 200 replacement filters ensures a continuous supply for your coffee ritual.

Specially Designed for AeroPress XL: Tailored to fit the dimensions of the AeroPress XL, these filters guarantee a seamless brewing process. Elevate your coffee experience with filters that complement the enhanced features of your coffee brewer.

Superior Filtration: Made from high-quality materials, offering superior filtration to extract the full flavour profile of your coffee grounds. Say goodbye to sediment and hello to a smoother, more refined cup.

Easy Replacement: Keep your coffee ritual uninterrupted with the convenience of a pack of 200 replacement filters. Quick and easy to install, these filters ensure that your Aeropress XL is always ready to deliver a bold and flavorful brew.

Versatile Compatibility: These filters can also be used with the standard AeroPress, providing versatility for different coffee brewing setups. Enjoy the same premium quality regardless of your AeroPress model.

Value Pack: Each pack of filters includes 200 filters, offering long-lasting value and ensuring you’re well-equipped for countless coffee brewing sessions. Make every cup memorable with the perfect filter.

Elevate your coffee experience to new heights. Order your pack today and discover the difference in flavour, convenience, and quality for your AeroPress XL coffee brewing journey.


  • Genuine replacement
  • 200 replacement paper micro-filters for the AeroPress XL
  • Removes grit, unlike most press-type coffee makers
  • Compatible only with the AeroPress XL coffee maker
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Made in the USA
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