Delter Cold Drip Maker

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Delter Cold Drip Maker

Introducing the Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker: Elevate Your Cold Brew Experience

Unlock the world of effortless cold brewing with the Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker, a revolutionary valveless design that takes simplicity to new heights. Say farewell to the hassle of adjusting drips and welcome a brewing experience that’s consistent, reliable, and hassle-free for your daily enjoyment.


Valveless Innovation: Unlike traditional cold drip coffee makers, the Delter Cold Brew eliminates the need for valves. Embrace a hassle-free design that makes cold brew simpler for everyday use. No more adjusting drips to achieve the perfect flavor – just pure, consistency at your fingertips.

 Multi-Layered Drip Tray: The Delter Cold Drip features a unique multi-layered drip tray with a pinhole drain, ensuring automatic dripping at an average rate of one drip per second. Experience uninterrupted brewing with a strong, flavorful coffee that doesn’t compromise on taste.

No More Inconsistency: Bid farewell to the inconsistency of traditional drip systems. The system, created by the masterminds behind the Delter Coffee Press, eliminates the common problem of valves stopping halfway through the brewing process. Enjoy a seamless and reliable brewing experience.

 Low Acidity, Bold Flavor: Cold drip coffee offers a low acidity alternative with a bold and rich flavor profile. Escape the harsh bitterness while still indulging in a strong caffeine hit. The Delter Cold Brew ensures a kinder option for your stomach without compromising on taste.

Café Quality at Home: Experience café-quality cold drip coffee in the comfort of your home, tailored to your preferences. The Delter Cold Drip has revolutionized the way you enjoy cold brew – easy, consistent, and with a taste that rivals your favorite coffee shop.

Elevate your cold brew game with the Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker. Experience the future of at-home brewing. Order yours today and enjoy a consistent and flavourful coffee anytime, anywhere.

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