MACAP M7K Auto Conical Black Coffee Grinder

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So what do you do when you get a little bit of spare cash…well, you order one of these little suckers.   By ordering in  advance and picking -up you also get a great saving.

This model might be new to the MACAP world of grinders but it packs a punch for a home barista setup and produces a great espresso.   And before you think ‘MACAP WHO!’, Macap was established in Venice since the 1930s and is a brand leader who currently is present in over 50 countries. With the construction of quality components fused with clean styling cues, Macap coffee grinders are known for excellence.

Macap M7K Black Coffee Grinder

  • 68 mm conical blades
  • Powerful 520W low-speed motor
  • Stepped grind adjustment
  • Dosing counter
  • 1.4 Kg / 3.1 lb bean hopper
  • 300 gram / 0.66 lb ground coffee
  • 16 Kg / 35.3 lb

Overall, the M7K is a well built professionally crafted home grinder that will not only keep you caffeinated but also keep up with almost all your home needs.


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