Thumpa Knockout Tube – Large

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This Thumpa is an 860mm tall knockout tube which was designed with durability in mind

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Thumpa Knockout Tube

Introducing the Thumpa Knockout Tube: Built Tough for Busy Coffee Shops

Discover a strong cafe work horse with the Thumpa Knockout Tube – virtually indestructible waste management solution for busy coffee shops. Crafted from shock-resistant HDPE, this Australian-designed tube offers easy cleaning and maintenance.

Elevate your coffee shop’s waste management with the Thumpa Knockout Tube, an 860mm tall designed for durability. Crafted from high-density, shock-resistant polyethylene (HDPE), the Thumpa can withstand the rigors of a bustling coffee shop, offering virtually indestructible performance. The flared collar contains splatters, while the easily removable top makes for easy emptying and waste bag usage. Australian-owned and designed, the Thumpa is a reliable solution for commercial coffee waste.  Available in a bench-friendly 300mm version.

Key Features:

Built for Durability: The knockout tube is designed to hold up to hits, bashes, and drops, making it nearly indestructible for the demanding needs of a busy coffee shop.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: The slotted bar inserts and removes easily for cleaning, replacement, and maintenance, ensuring easy operation.

Shock-Resistant HDPE: Crafted from high-density plastic, the tube can take a beating, providing long-lasting performance.

Compact and Bench-Friendly: With tube dimensions of 160mm outer diameter and 725mm length, the tube is compact and fits well in a busy coffee shop setup.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 90 cm
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