Trace Origin Castillo Diofannor


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Trace Origin Castillo Diofannor

Every trace origin coffee takes you on a journey. Coffee, like wine, can be transportive. The influence of the soil, processing techniques and the producer takes the drinker to the time, place and way it was created.

In our Limited Edition Diofanor, the coffee takes you high up into the Andes to the Ruiz family farm La Promesa (The Promise) in Buenavista, Colombia. The slopes are covered with tropical rainforest. The soil is rich and volcanic. It is hot, humid and lush, perfect for coffee growing.

Diofanor Ruiz is the man behind the coffee and comes from generations of passionate coffee growers. Dedicated to environmentally friendly practice, Diofanor’s grows 100% Castillo variety coffee trees without the use of chemicals.

The myriad different fermentation processes makes each coffee unique. Diofanor uses a ‘Honey Process’, referring to the sticky appearance of the coffee during the drying stage. Unlike traditional ‘fully washed’ coffees, the skin and pulp is removed with mechanical washing, rather thana roller, giving the farmer greater control over processing. Diofanor first soaks the cherry in ceramic vats, where it ferments, sweetens and softens, for 12 hours. The cherry skin is then peeled from the fruit leaving the beans covered with a thin layer of sticky fruit. They are laid on raised patios to dry for 10-15 days with hourly turning, this allows the sugars from the fruit to soak into the beans, adding its character.

Before brewing this coffee take a moment to smell the beans out of the grinder, the exotic aromas and complexity are jaw dropping. In the cup you can expect flavours of apricot, milk chocolate, floral. A great honey coffee has sweetness and crispness in equal measure.

This Trace Origin micro lot offering from Diofanor Ruiz’s farm is a rare treat.

We thank Senor Ruiz, his family and community for providing us with this opportunity and hope you enjoy this special experience as much as we do. Salud!/Cheers!

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Wholebean, Plunger, Stovetop, Drip Filter, Espresso, Cold Brew

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