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Turbo G&T – The new Cold Brew Gin Trend

500ml cold brew bottle alongside a icyglass of gin and tonic


The beverage is made by combining coffee, gin and tonic to create an alcoholic, caffeine-filled, summer sunset drink of bliss.

While tonic and coffee might seem an odd friendship, it’s a combination that will provide a new refreshing, caffeinated kick to drinkers in search for something more than just a regular cup of coffee or espresso.

With the range of micro-brewers popping up around the place, Gin has taken a step forward as the clean drink of choice in Adelaide’s new establishments. Couple it with the new emerging Cold Brew…you have a vrrm….vrrm… Turbo G & T.

Those keeping their finger on the pulse will know that this trend has been sweeping through the UK and has also been the drink of choice to our very own ENTROPY, set at a relocated old railway shed at 37 Little Queen St, Thebarton – SA, for a number of years now.   They use our small batch Cirelli Cold Brew concentrate as the ‘turbo’ in their gin and tonic or gin and soda. Actually, they use it in a range of drinks.

Cirelli Cold Brew is made by slowly dripping cold water into ground coffee overnight (for 16 hours), as opposed to steeping the coffee in water, and as such this gives greater richness, picks up none of the acidity that you’d expect from a normal straight espresso. Instead, it brings a rich caffeine dose that is naturally sweet and smooth. The high coffee to water ratio then delivers the ‘turbo’ in the G&T.

Combining cold brew with the beautiful botanicals of gin and the gentle bitterness of tonic creates a tall, lean, tart treat of a cocktail that revives the senses and gets those dancing feet dancing for hours.

The simple recipe:


  • 35ml Gin
  • 10-30ml Cirelli Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  • Tonic water
  • Lemon peel to garnish


  • Pour the gin over ice into a spanky glass.
  • Add the Cirelli Cold Brew coffee, then top up with tonic water and garnish with a long lemon peel.

The coffee will want to dominate the mix so you’ll need either some fresh acidity like and orange peel to balance it out…you can also spice things up with hibiscus, tonic and grapefruit.

Cirelli Cold Brew Concentrate can be purchased on-line or by popping into our Roastery and Tasting HQ at Unit 5, 22 Musgrave Avenue, Welland SA (5 minutes from the City) – Saturdays 10am-3pm only.

Come in for a free Cold Brew Tasting tasting.

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