Cirelli Coffee Wholesale Enquiry

Interested in using Cirelli Coffee in a bigger way?

You’re in good hands – We supply at competitive wholesale prices.


At Cirelli Coffee we craft exceptional bean-coffee and love to share this with our customers.  All our coffees are of the highest quality. We are passionate about what we do and we genuinely strive to support you and to add value to your business (big or small), not only in the supply of coffee and training but also promote your business through social media. We are not just saying that either! Providing outstanding customer service and support to our loyal customers is what we love to do. Every write-up about those who use our coffee means the world to us.

If you want to be part of our small but rapidly growing family of cafes, hotels, offices and retail outlets, please fill in your contact details below. Be sure to include all your contact details, including name, location, telephone and email details so we can promptly get back to you.

In addition, being local and passionate about supporting businesses we will work with you on preparing a simple ‘social media strategy’ to jointly promote your cafe.

  • Café’ write-up and posts
  • Website promotions
  • Listing your business on the Cirelli Coffee website
  • Posts via other social media sites – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • In-house customer tastings /displays/equipment trials i.e. Cold Brew, Syphons.

Wholesale Registration

To be eligible for wholesale pricing you need to have an active cafe, hotel, office and retail outlet.

Once approved you will be able to login with your email and password and receive trade prices.

*To protect you and our other trade customers you can be assured we don’t give trade pricing to the general public. To approve your trade account we will need evidence that your business is in the cafe, hotel, office or retail industry. Like a business number attached to an industry related trading name, a website or even a scan of your business card or proof of business documentation - not all of these are necessary, just enough so it is clear you are in the cafe, hotel, office or retail industry

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