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Greek coffee (“Ellinikos kafes”) is a demitasse cup of coffee. Powder ground coffee cooks in special pot. You serve it in “half cups”.

It’s a strong unfiltered caffeine beverage. You make it in a special pot known as “briki”.

This utensil helps in creating foam on top (called “kaimaki”).

Greek ground coffee manufacturers use light roasted beans for this type of coffee. That’s why the final product has a light brown appearance.

Cirelli Greek coffee is freshly roasted and ground on demand, with its seductive aroma from selected beans it is an excellent blend that provides rich flavour and cream (kaimaki).

This is a premium coffee that offers an exclusive sensation, synonymous with its name.

Main Origins:
Ethiopian, Brazil

Drink Choice:
Greek Coffee

Smooth, low acidity, creamy with a chocolaty lingering aftertaste.



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