Bamboo Pour Over Paddle

$7.50 (inc. GST)

Stir your brewing coffee with style with the Hario Bamboo Paddle. Carefully crafted from bamboo, this smooth paddle gives you a consistent, controlled way to agitate your coffee to produce a more balanced extraction and better flavour

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Bamboo Pour Over Paddle

The Bamboo Paddle is designed specifically for use with coffee syphon and pour over systems so that your coffee can live up to its potential.

It ensures steady and fluent stirring of the coffee syphon. The simple design allows the professional or home barista to stir the entire chamber evenly and completely so that the coffee is brewed optimally, maximizing the extraction process.

Some of the delicate notes that the syphon or pour over  brings out can be lost without stirring. The syphon is a great method for brewing as it accentuates the subtleties of the coffee and allows them to shine!

Length: 25cm

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