China Meng Lian Emerald Green Coffee




China Meng Lian Emerald – Green Coffee Beans Adelaide 

Interested in roasting you own coffee? This coffee delivers the following flavours:

  • OriginCHINA
  • RegionMagma, Menglian
  • ProducerMs. Zang, Menglian Xingyu Coffee Plantation
  • Packing60kg
  • HarvestOctober – March
  • Score79.5
  • TypeArabica
  • VarietalsCatimor
  • ProcessingFully Washed
  • Altitude1200-1400 MASL
  • PrepHand picked, fully washed, Screen 16 up


Sweet,soft, chocolate, crisp


Located in southern China, Yunnan Province has been compared to Columbia and Indonesia for its climate. Ample rains originate from major river valleys in the west and east of the region along with moist, warm air from the lower elevations of the Bay of Bengal and Beibu Gulf. the mountains to north protect the coffee plant from frost and excessively low temperatures.

The southwest of Yunnan province which borders Myanmar has blossomed as a coffee growing area. The Pu’er coffee is recognised for its fruity flavours and fine cup. Produced at high altitude on the fertile slopes of the Palian Mountain, coffee has been part of local Lahu people’s major income source for the past two decades. It is regarded as some of the best coffee in Yunnan, China.

Yunnan Volcafe is a joint venture with SA Coffee Co Ltd, an established local coffee company. The company aims to continue helping farmers in Yunnan establish sustainable growing and processing. It has already succeeded in establishing a 4C cluster in the Pu’er region with further certifications planned.

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