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Black Microfiber barista cleaning cloth – Clean Machine

Make your life easier! This handy microfiber cloth is made with a special blend of polymide & polyester which makes it ideal for any cleaning application around your cafe – ceramic, stainless steel, glass, timber, etc. This heavy duty microfibre cloth effectively lifts and traps:

– dirt
– grime
– dust
– grease
– fingerprints
– spills, etc.

Why do professional baristas prefer this cloth?

1) Conventional fiber cloths only lift a small amount of dirt and grime before becoming clogged which means the dirt and impurities just end up being pushed around the cleaning surface. The electro-static power of microfiber picks up dust and dirt like a magnet. This quality, combined with the ultra softeness makes it ideal for polishing surfaces which can be easily scratched such as mirrors, glass and stainless steel appliances.

2) This microfiber cloth has a tough reinforced edge, allowing it to last for wash after wash. Because they won’t distort, our cloths are designed to last for up to 5 years.

3) Measuring 40cm x 40cm, it’s sizable and gets the job done! The large size means you can clean for longer without having to rinse it out, and the dark colour makes it a great cloth for barista work. And when you factor in the effectiveness of the cloth, you’ve just reduced your cleaning time immeasurably!

Manufactured by Clean Machine.

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