Clean Machine Braista Cloth 1 Pack

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The Clean Machine Barista Cloth set offers a commercial quality hard wearing microfibre cloth. The brown coffee cloth has a generous length and handy clip for quick and easy use.

This super-efficient cleaning wonders will transform your cleaning routine.

Crafted with a specialised blend of polymide and polyester, these cloths are the ultimate solution for any cleaning task, from Coffee prep areas, cafe benchs, kitchens and bathrooms to cars and delicate surfaces like mirrors and stainless steel appliances.


  • Lifts and traps dirt, grime, and dust like a magnet
  • Removes grease, fingerprints, and spills effortlessly
  • Preferred by professional cleaners for their exceptional cleaning power

Why Choose Clean Machine Microfiber Cloths?

Unlike conventional fibre cloths that clog up quickly, these microfiber cloths have an electro-static power that attracts dirt and grime, leaving surfaces sparkling clean without scratches or streaks.

Durable and Long-Lasting:

With reinforced edges, these cloths withstand wash after wash, maintaining their shape and effectiveness for up to 5 years. Sized at 40cm x 40cm, these cloths provide ample surface area for extended cleaning without constant rinsing, significantly reducing your cleaning time.

Simplify your cleaning routine and experience the difference with Clean Machine Cloths. Grab this 10 pack today and say goodbye to frustrating cleaning sessions!

Cleaning Instructions:

Machine wash regularly only with other lint-free articles.

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