Filtropa Filter Papers #4 – 100pk

$12.90 (inc. GST)

The paper has a high-density weave that allows for maximum filterability while keeping your coffee grounds separate from your drink

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For use with numerious v-flat shaped drippers, the Filtropa papers are completly free from taste and smell.

The Filtropa filter papers have been quality certified with aprovals from the International Food and Drug Administration!.

They have been maufactured without the use of any bonding agents (glues or chemicals), to guarentee a 100% safe and natural dioxin-free brew everytime.

Perfect match for medium to large brewing/ pour over devices like Bonavita, Kalita, Tiamo, Breville Precision Brewer, Moccamaster and the Clever Dripper!

Micron Rating: +/- 20 Micron

Material: Paper

Pieces: 100 per pack


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