Hario V60 Paper Filter 1-2 Cup (01) 100 Pcs

$11.45 (inc. GST)

The Hario V60 filter papers are biodegradable and will consistently deliver a perfectly clean, sediment-free brew. Made form FSC certified paper

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All of the 100-piece Hario V60 White Paper Filters Bulk filters are brand-new filters manufactured in Japan by the newest Hario plant. These filters provide an equal and constant flow of water when used with the Hario V60 brewer. To avoid any paper flavour from contaminating the brewing process, moisten or rinse the sheets before to use. Every time you use the Hario V60 biodegradable filter papers, you will get a totally clean, sediment-free cup of coffee. FSC-certified paper is used for printing. Recognizing FSC-certified products that were made using 100% virgin material from FSC-certified forests as FSC-certified is fully reliable.

Highlights of Hario V60 White Papers Filter Bulk 100pcs

  • Great Pour Over Filter Solution. This Hario filter has a slightly faster flow rate than plastic packet filters that originates from Japan Factory.
  • Clean, Balanced, and Full Bodied Coffee. For a bright, clean look and a smooth texture to the filter, choose a White Oxygen Bleached Filter.
  • Environment Friendly. All Hario Paper Filters are biodegradable.
  • Global Standard Certified. Paper verified to meet rigors environmental and social standards of the FSC is used since it is obtained ethically.
  • Easy Pouring Design. The convenience tab makes things easier since it provides an elevated area to place in the brewer, which allows the spout to sit in a straight line.
  • Recommendations. Also consider a  Drip Scale to maintain pour over consistency.
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