Rhino Digital Professional Thermometer

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Easy to set and read digital thermometer for quick accurate measurement of textured milk and other beverages

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Rhino Digital Professional Thermometer

Introducing the Rhino Digital Professional Thermometer: Perfection in Every Pour

Achieve perfection in every cup with the milk thermometer. Designed for quick and accurate measurement of textured milk.

This easy-to-use digital thermometer ensures precise temperature control.  It has an alarm that beeps when your set temperature is reached. The stainless-steel clip allows the thermometer to sit in any milk pitcher with a quick-release action for adjustable height.

Key Features:

Digital Precision: Set and read temperatures with ease using the thermometer, ensuring perfect milk texture every time.

Audible Alarm: Be alerted when your set temperature is reached, giving you consistency.

 Versatile Design: The stainless-steel clip allows for easy setting in any milk pitcher, and the thermometer can also be used for general-purpose cooking when the clip is removed.

Adjustable Stem: The quick-release action and positive lock feature let you adjust the thermometer stem in height, giving you greater flexibility in your brewing process.

 Easy to Use: Simply insert the stem through the clip, set the height in the pitcher, and set your temperature. The clear digital display makes it easier to read.

Temperature Guide:

  • Steamed Milk: 122-149°F/50-65°C
  • Espresso: 185-194°F/85-90°C
  • Black Tea: 212°F/100°C
  • Green Tea: 160-180°F/70-80°C

Important Tip: Always place the Rhino Digital Professional Thermometer on the pitcher before filling to make sure it is positioned at the correct height.

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