Rhino Milk Jug Stealth Red 950ml

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Rhino Milk Jug Stealth Red 950ml

Introducing the Rhino Milk Jug Stealth Red 950ml: Elevate Your Latte Art with Professional Precision.

Experience the very best of milk frothing perfection with the Rhino Milk Jug Stealth Red 950ml. It is a masterpiece designed by experts to the needs of the specialty coffee industry.  Pour better using the features of our professional reange of jugs.

Jug Features:

Superior Construction: Crafted from food-grade commercial stainless steel (1.0mm), the Rhino jug ensures durability and longevity. The double-coated, thick stainless steel provides an extended stretch time for perfectly textured milk. Offers baristas the tools they need for latte art mastery.

Professional Feel: Elevate your coffee-making experience with the Rhino jug’s thicker stainless steel construction, providing a professional feel in every pour. Achieve the ideal consistency and temperature for your milk-based beverages.

Precision Measurement: The Rhino jug is equipped with an etched internal scale in ounces and millimeters on both internal sides of the jug. Achieve accuracy in your milk frothing process, ensuring consistency in every cup.

Well-Crafted Spout Design: Perfect your pouring technique with the Rhino Milk Jug’s thoughtfully designed spout. Experience smooth pouring and precise control. Perfect for creating stunning latte art that will get your customers or guests attendtion.

Ergonomic Excellence: The Rhino Milk Jug boasts an ergonomically designed handle with balanced weight distribution, providing comfort and control during every pour.  Lift your craft with a jug that complements your skill and dedication.

Unleash the artist within your coffee creations with the Rhino Milk Jug Stealth Red 950ml.

This jug is great for baristas and alternative milks. Increase your latte art game.

Order your jug today and experience the difference in quality and performance.


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