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The Coffee Experience @ Cirelli Coffee HQ

The Coffee Experience is a coffee session catering to anyone with an interest or love of coffee.

It’s a fun, energising coffee experience and a fantastic way to build your knowledge of the art of roasting and the new world of brewing options.

When you get 6-10 coffee enthusiasts together, throw in a roast, talk about coffee and work your way through a range of brewing methods in a real working coffee Roastery you know time is going to go quick.

In this hands-on class, you’ll learn a little about:

  • Coffee Types
  • Coffee Origins
  • Coffee Roasting
  • Brewing Methods – Siphon, Cold Drip, Pour-over, AeroPress.
  • Blending
  • Grinding, Temping, Pouring
  • Espresso defect identification
  • Coffee Tasting (Cupping)

It starts off with a coffee and a demonstration roast on the Giessen W15…There is nothing like a pot of a good brew to bring everyone together whilst watching the roast that produced it in the first place.

Shortly after there is a little theory about coffee types, coffee origins, dry and wet processed coffee but then that’s pushed aside for some real hands-on cupping and brewing.   There are 5 brew types in total as well as a wonderful Cold Brewed Iced Coffee Vietnamese Style.  You get to brew and taste the different blends and by the end of it you’ll taste citrus, dark chocolate, toffee in a range of Coffee Origins such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Sumatra and Columbian coffee.

You might not end up an expert coffee judge but you’ll definitely have a better appreciation coffee.  It will also give you something to talk about amongst friends, where you can really sound like the coffee ‘aficionado’.

You don’t leave empty handed. Apart from drinking copious amounts of great coffee you’ll also take home a ‘reference manual’ and a ‘bag’ of the ‘good stuff ‘- Cirelli Coffee’s finest beans.

So if you have an interest in coffee or know someone, and want to know more about it, pop in, spend a couple of hours at the Cirelli Coffee HQ and have a hand-on learning session involving several different brewing methods.

Below is a small movie of our last session.

Bookings are done online or over the phone! If you have any questions, please contact us at 0447 847 897 or

[box style=”rounded”]Testimonials:
“I could’nt sleep for days after my first Cirelli Coffee Experience…Stimulating, educational, motivating and delicious…I was energised beyond belief by my Cirelli Coffee Experience” Rod W[/box]

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