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The AeroPress is a single cup coffee brewing system that will provide excellent use when traveling or even as your solution for quality office coffee.

The device shares similarities with several other brewing methods. It uses a plunger to force water through coffee, which will be familiar to French press users. The pressurization that occurs in the plunging action is similar to an espresso machine. That said, let me be clear: this is neither an espresso machine nor a press pot. Compared to other brewing methods, the richness of flavor is comparable to French press coffee, while the smoothness is more like a long espresso.

This AeroPress brewing system makes coffee by forcing water through coffee under pressure. The result is a concentrated brew of coffee that you can then do different things with. These instructions focus on brewing the coffee and then diluting it with hot water to normal strength.

Key Points:

  • Smooth, rich coffee without bitterness
  • Low acidity makes coffee easy on your stomach
  • Easy and fast; ready to drink in a minute
  • Makes 1 to 4 cups per pressing
  • Micro filtered: no grit in your cup

Cirelli Coffee – Aeropress Brew Guide Aeropress

Aeropress Coffee Maker in Adelaide

Whether you are travelling or simply looking for a small personal coffee system for home or work, yet capable of delivering great coffee then an Aeropress Coffee Maker is the perfect match for you! If you love your coffee and want to have coffee around you while working, relaxing or studying, make sure you look at the Aeropress Coffee Maker .

Multi-Filter Disk

The Aeropress Coffee Maker system will be enhanced using our Multi-Filter Disk Set. Now you can take the great Cirelli coffee taste from an Aeropress Coffee Maker to another level. CHoose your own filter profile. The simple operation and easy cleaning plus the great coffee taste from an Aeropress, combined with roasted coffee from Cirelli, makes this a perfect portable personal coffee making solution.

Aeropress Filter Cap

The Aeropress Filter Cap is a perfect replacement for your Aeropress Coffee Maker. The filter cap will fit straight onto your Aeropress Coffee Maker and is made of BPA free and food-grade polypropylene plastic.

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