Hario Coffee In A Bottle (Green)

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Fill Hario Cold Brew Bottle with 700ml of cold water, then carefully submerge filter basket in water and gently mix to ensure coffee is saturated

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Hario Coffee In A Bottle (Green)

Introducing the HARIO Coffee in a Bottle: Elevate Your Cold Brew Experience

Elevate your cold brew game with the HARIO Coffee in a Bottle. This low-maintenance device make the cold brewing process easy. It allows you to create a rich and smooth concentrate with low acidity.

The 750ml glass carafe ensures quality, and the spill-proof silicone lid makes brewing and traveling a breeze.

Experience the simplicity and excellence of the Hario Cold Brew in a Bottle.  It is a cold brewing device designed for those who love rich, refreshing cold brew  with low acidity and bitterness.

This low-maintenance brewer simplifies the cold brewing process. It providing a hassle-free way to enjoy a killer glass of cold brew coffee.

Key Features:

Smooth Cold Brew: Brews a cold brew concentrate that’s rich, smooth, and refreshing.

Low Acidity & Bitterness: place cold brew into the mesh infuser with coarsely ground coffee for less acidity and bitterness.

Simple Brewing Process: With a straightforward brewing process, making cold brew coffee becomes an easy, low-maintenance activity.

750ml Capacity: Crafted from Hario’s famous high borosilicate glass, the 750ml carafe provides enough cold brew for several glasses of iced coffee.

Sealing Silicone Lid: The spill-proof sealing silicone lid allows for horizontal storage during brewing or storage and opens at the top for easy pouring.

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